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Hearst Communications, often referred to simply as Hearst, is an American multinational mass media and business information conglomerate based in the Hearst Tower in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.Hearst owns newspapers, magazines, television channels, and television stations, including the San Francisco Chronicle, the Houston Chronicle, Cosmopolitan and Esquire. It owns 50% of the A&E Networks.

Ara mentioned in a review, "Hearst Communications email subscriptions are terrible. I subscribed to many. I have since unsubscribed to all. Or so I thought but I keep getting emails from your company with the email I had unsubscribed from. Today for example I saw an email from Organic Gardening but had already unsubscribed some time ago due to a personal opinion the content in said magazine. The actual problem though is that you send the same article every day. Prime example: ok I get it Jenna Jameson posted pictures of her progress from her Keto diet. But why is that the only headline you guys are choosing to use DAILY and why is it that it's an article daily when there are many other topics to be written about. Other Keto diet progress to be shared."


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California - Server (Former Employee) says

"It wasn't the most horrible place to work at, but I felt like certain circumstances screwed me over in the long run, I wanted to work, but wasn't given many opportunities too due to some outside scheduling conflicts, but instead of working around it one day I was just straight up fired without being told, so all in all not the best place to work"

Senior Nail technician (Former Employee) says

"I was working at their rented chair in a hairdressing salon, using my own car with no petrol allowance, while I was told that in the interview I will be working in the main salon."

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